What Gym Owners say about SocialWOD

"The fact that you lessened my workload gets mega points. :)"

Max Shippee, Affiliate owner in Los Angeles

"All expectations are being achieved & it has helped save me time to put into other aspects of the business."

Kel and Ben Watkins, Affiliate owners in Moranbah, Australia

"SocialWOD has been amazing for our box so far. I simply love the program and would recommend it to any new or established gym out there today."

Fynn Mulligan, Affiliate owner in Vancouver, Canada

"SocialWOD takes the hassle out of posting WOD results. With about 10 seconds of work I get to see people's individual growth and success."

Andrew Landau, Affiliate owner in Sandy, Utah

"We're very happy with the product, it's definitely had a positive effect in our box even just by posting the scores daily."

Chris Cooper, Affiliate owner in Sault Ste Marie, Canada

"With SocialWOD I get a daily and weekly report sent to me automatically that has allowed us to keep up on who's doing what. It's then very easy to keep in touch with each and every student to make sure they don't get lost in the shuffle!"

Cody Limbaugh, Affiliate owner in Lake Oswego, Oregon

"SocialWOD provides a simple system to submit and track WODs without the extra hassle of inputting data... [just] a quick photo and Social WOD does the rest. We would highly recommend SocialWOD over any others!"

Josh Felber, Affiliate owner in Akron, Ohio

"SocialWOD has helped us grow a stronger community and increase our retention. We publish the results to Facebook where our athletes are active in highlighting successes and PRs of their peers. SocialWOD also allows our coaches to track which athletes are coming most often and which athletes have been slacking. We can then use that information to help with our retention strategies. Our athletes love it."

Justin Bacon, Affiliate owner in Rockville, Maryland

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