Getting Started with SocialWOD

Let's walk through how SocialWOD works, from signing up through to getting 100% of your athletes tracked, results posted to Facebook, your blog, and everything in between.

Sign up for SocialWOD

The first step is to sign up for SocialWOD and join the other gyms that have tracked over 500,000 scores with us. Two things to note when signing up:

  1. If you often do multiple WODs per class at your gym (for example, a strength and a met-con), and want both tracked, make sure to select the "Track multiple WODs per day" option. If you don't, you'll only get your main WOD tracked.
  2. When choosing a plan, you want to choose based on the total number of athletes at your gym.
    We don't count visitors or members who stop coming against your SocialWOD plan. And if you regularly exceed the number of athletes in your plan, we'll let you know (and congrats - that means your gym has grown!)

Free Trial

You get a 14 day free trial when you sign up to take SocialWOD for a spin and see how it can help improve your athletes experience at your gym.

During your free trial you can send in whiteboards for processing and use all of the features that SocialWOD has to offer. Once your free trial ends, your card will be charged. You're free to cancel any time - you're month to month, and there are no contracts.

Athletes pay nothing

Your athletes will never be asked to pay for anything to use SocialWOD, and never will. Ours is a service for gym owners.

Sending in WODs

Once you sign up, we'll immediately give you a custom email address that will be something like "". We'll also create your gym's own SocialWOD site at "" (where "yourgym" is, for example, "CF Badass".)

You can send in your first WOD moments after signing up, if you like.

Getting good data

There are two important things to do to make sure SocialWOD gives you good data.

1. Unique whiteboard names

Every athlete at your gym must have a unique whiteboard name so we know who to assign scores to. For example, if you have three Sarahs at your gym, you could write their names on the whiteboard as "Sarah H", "Sarah C", and "Sarah T".

Nicknames also work well to make sure members have unique whiteboard names.

Once members get on SocialWOD, they'll correct a coach if the coach writes an incorrect whiteboard name on the whiteboard.

There are usually a few bumps along the way (for example, one athlete may have two different SocialWOD profiles that need to be combined, e.g. Sarah Smith and Sarah S). Never fear. We have tools to edit scores, combine profiles, and move profiles around so don't worry - we've got you covered.

2. Taking a good photo

Your WOD photo should include:

  • the date
  • the WOD name (if there is one - if there isn't we'll create one listing the exercises, like "KBs, Thrusters, Pushups, and Run")
  • WOD description
  • scores, with PR or RX beside them if you want us to enter that info with the score

And it should be large and clear enough to be readable. A simple rule of thumb is if you can read every name and score on the whiteboard, we can enter it.

You can send in multiple photos that are zoomed in on different parts of a whiteboard just to make sure everything is readable. It helps if all the photos for a WOD are attached to a single email, rather than sending in multiple emails.

You can see exmamples of whiteboard best practices here.

How often to send in WODs

It's best to send in one WOD a day so it becomes a regular part of your members' experience. If you send in, say, 7 days worth of WODs once a week, your members have fewer reasons to visit your gym's Facebook page or blog.

Processing time

We aim to process whiteboards within 12 hours. If you send your whitboard photo in at the end of the day we aim to have it processed by the next morning. On occasion whiteboards can take up to 24 hours to process.

What happens when a WOD is processed

When a WOD is processed, a few things happen:

  1. We send you an email with a link to the WOD, along with any new members and names and scores of anybody who PRd
  2. We post the WOD to your gym's Facebook page, if you've set that up
  3. A SocialWOD Results Button appears on your WOD blog, if you've set that up
  4. We post a member's score (with your gym's branding) to his or her personal Facebook page, if they've decided to opt in to that feature
  5. We send your members an email with a link to the WOD

Post to your Gym's Facebook Page

If you enable the feature, we'll automatically post WODs to your gym's Facebook page. The story will pop up in your members' feeds. Here's what they story will look like:

Integrate with your Gym's WOD Blog

This is one of our most exciting features. By installing a little bit of code on your blog, we can integrate a button into your WOD blog that will show your WOD results to members without them leaving your blog.

Here's how it works:

Geting your members on SocialWOD

When you send in a whiteboard, we automatically create SocialWOD athlete profiles for members that don't have one, and add scores to members that do.

To get access to all of the features of SocialWOD, your members "claim" their SocialWOD profile.

Once they claim their profile, they can do things like:

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Post their scores to their personal Facebook page
  • Look up their PRs from the gym floor on their mobile phone
  • Track "personal WODs" that they do away from your gym

The best way to get your athletes on SocialWOD is to export their email addresses from your member management system (like Zen Planner or Mind Body Online), and send them to us. We'll send them an email with a direct link to claim their SocialWOD profile.

For this to happen, they have to have done a WOD that's been entered into SocialWOD, so it's best to send us an export after several WODs have been entered so most of your athletes are in the system. We'll send you instructions on how to do this after five WODs are entered.

Here are some other good ways to tell athletes that you're using SocialWOD:

  • Write a post on your blog about it
  • Post on your gym's Facebook page
  • Write it on your gym's whiteboard
  • Talk about it at your gym

Attendance Reporting

We operate on the premise that if a member's name is on the whiteboard, they attended class. We can thus give you insight into who's attending class and who isn't.

Attendance Report Email

You get your first attendance email 30 days after you sign up. It shows you who hasn't attended class in the last 7, 14, and 28 days. You can see their WOD data quickly and give them a call to make sure they remain as customers.

Attendance Report On Demand

You can also look up attendance whenever you like by clicking on the Attendance link in on your SocialWOD site:


We'd love to have you as a happy customer

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