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You’ve Got Mail!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you are running a box you are using some sort of membership software to help you automate a lot of the back office tasks. I’m talking about MindBodyOnline, ZenPlanner, or BoxTracker. I am not endorsing any of these, just providing them as examples, I’m sure there are plenty of others that are great (let us know in the comments if your use something different and love it!). If my assumption is correct then you have a wonderful tool at your disposal to collect email addresses from your members and get their consent to send them updates, WODs, special offers, etc. So my question is:

How Are You Using This Information To Your Advantage?

Email is a powerful thing. It is cheap (free in most cases), easy to send, and even easier to share. That last point is the important one. The goal here is to grow your box right? Word of mouth referral is not only one of the best ways to get people in your door but, with a little social accountability (from their friends), the best way to keep those people coming back each month. So you may want to consider using email to help spread the word. A couple example to get you started:

  • Welcome New Members To The Family: Lets face it, even if you have a great community your 6am class members don’t know all of your 5pm class members. Shooting out a quick email to the whole gym welcoming each new member to the family is a great way to introduce them to everyone at once.
  • Highlight Your “Athlete Of The Month”: Has one of your members achieved something incredible? Did they win your Paleo Challenge? Did they reach one of their goals? If so, tell everyone about it and encourage them to swing over to your Facebook page to congratulate that athlete as well.
  • Highlight Your “Coach Of The Month”: I like this idea (because I’m a coach!). Remember, happy coaches are important and this is a very simple way to show some recognition and some appreciation for that coach that went a little above and beyond or just needs to hear a “Thanks!” from you.
  • Send Out Promotions: We all know that gym memberships across the world skyrocket after January 1st, so why not send all of your current clients a “1 week free” coupon for them to give to one of their friends for Christmas? It hard to say no to an offer like that, especially after making that New Year’s resolution.
  • General Communication: If you are consistently connecting and communicating with your members they will be more likely to come to you with problems and questions as they arise. The more ways a person have to get a hold of you the better the chance you’ll find out they are having an issue and be able to help them out.

There are many, many great ways to use email to improve your relationship with your clients, drive new business into your gym, and build your community. Hopefully the examples above will give you a good starting point to get going. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t limit yourself in the ways a current or prospective client can find you and get a hold of you. Email can be a powerful medium to keep these lines of communication open.

With that being said you should leave your comments and thoughts below, email me at PJ [at] socialwod [dot] com, tweet to me here or here, and give us a shout on Facebook

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One Response

  1. Great Post – tons of coaches I’ve worked with are amazing in person but fail on the follow up. As far as CrossFit Membership Software
    we use RhinoFit at Alchemy CrossFit Hamilton and love it – way simpler to use and easy to set up than ZP or MBO and it imported all our data from ZP so I didn’t lose anything =)