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We’ve heard Greg Glassman as well as many other speak to this term time and time again. I going to assume he was not referring to this when he first mentioned the word but was in fact talking about having great technical skill and performing the common, uncommonly well. This term can be applied to many different aspect of your box let’s talk about a few shall we?

The Facility

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it. I’ve been to a handful of boxes around the country and I can guarantee you that previous statement is very true. No matter the size of your box you need a plan to use it in the most effective way possible. But how do you achieve virtuosity? Simple, clean bathrooms. Now there are a million other things to worry about but, the cleanliness of your bathrooms says a lot about you and how much pride you take in your facility. What other things in your box set you apart from the competition?

The Coaching

I would argue that the majority of bad press that functional fitness gets stems from a lot of ignorance and some inexperienced coaches. The great thing about functional fitness? It doesn’t take much more than a few thousand dollars and a Level I certificate to open a box and start training folks. The bad part? It doesn’t take much more than a few thousand dollars and a Level I certificate to open a box and start training folks…

Now regardless of how you feel about this issue the bottom line is this: If you (and your coaches) are always striving to improve, are focused on helping people, and are honestly trying to do the right thing by your clients you shouldn’t have an issue and your box should be successful. Education is key here, there are plenty of coaches out there that do not have any formal exercise science training, do not coach professional athletes, and do not have any of the typical “official” credentials. Does this make them bad coaches? Not necessarily. I would even argue that, depending on the personality of the coach, it can help by allowing them to be more open minded to the wide variety different techniques and practices out in the world without the bias of the college weight room or the last course they took. As long as you are striving to achieve great technical skill in every aspect of your coaching then you are well on your way to being successful.

The Athletes

This comes down to the culture of your box and how you run the show. If you or your coaches let poor technique slide during workouts then you can bet your athletes will not achieve virtuosity in any of the foundational movements. This is something that is typically very hard to control once it gets out of control but you should stand your ground and demand perfect movement, anything less is, well just wrong…

What do you do uncommonly well at your box? Tell us in the comments below!

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