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What Keeps Potential Customers from Becoming Paying Customers?

Hurray! You’ve got people coming to your website (no small feat and one that we’ll cover in more detail in future posts) but does it speak to them? Is your site a great sales tool? To answer those questions you have to know who you’re communicating with and what they care about.

In short you need to know what questions they need answered before committing. That’s where the personas for CrosssFit gyms we discussed last time can help.

Before we jump into how personas will help, let’s talk about the absolute basic questions that your website needs to answer (from the perspective of a visitor):

  • Where is the gym located? I.e. is this place close enough to my house, office etc.
  • What time are their classes? I.e. will I be able to go at lunch, before work, after work etc.
  • How do I get in touch with these people? Phone and email?
  • Who are these people?

You’ll probably have noticed that pricing isn’t on the list although it could be depending on what your strategy is. How and when you go about disclosing pricing deserves a separate post and it’s something we’ll cover in more details later.

With the basics out of the way let’s use personas to help build out the key questions your website needs to answer. Let’s imagine that after going through the personas exercise from the last post you’ve come up with three different personas:

  • Get Fit Britt – wants to get in shape, look great and lose a few pounds etc.
  • Weekend Warrior Wayne – wants to get in great shape so he can dominate his buddies on the basketball court
  • Fire Breather Fran – training to compete in regional competitions, lives, eats (paleo of course) and breathes functional fitness

For each persona the next step is to build a list of the questions that are most important to them. To do this you need to see the world from their eyes, not yours. Keep in mind that you know a lot about functional fitness but that’s not the case for Britt and Wayne. You will probably find it helpful to review your list with someone that isn’t training or better yet someone that actually fits the persona you’re targeting. Your existing members can be a big help here. As a bonus you’ll likely learn something that will help with retaining your existing members.

Example Personas

Get Fit Britt

  • What is functional fitness?
  • Am I in good enough shape to do functional fitness?
  • What types of things would I have to do in a typical class?
  • How do I get started? Do I get eased in? I’d die if I had to do the workouts I saw on your blog.
  • Will I lose weight doing functional fitness?
  • Will functional fitness make me look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  • Is this gym friendly for beginners?
  • Do other women workout here?
  • Do they have showers? I have to go back to work after class.
  • Is functional fitness safe?
  • What’s the community like? Is this place fun?
  • Etc…

Weekend Warrior Wayne

  • I’m already pretty fit. Is this really going to be better than my current workout routine?
  • Will functional fitness make me quicker for basketball?
  • How are these short workouts going to give me the stamina I need for a whole basketball game?
  • If it’s so great can I give it a try before I get start?
  • How will my old knee injury hold up with all this olympic weight lifting stuff?
  • What are all these crazy acronyms I keep reading about: HSPU, SDHP etc?
  • I’ve always worked out by myself. What’s with the group classes?
  • Etc…

Fire Breather Fran
As an aside the website is probably less important for Fran. She’s more likely to rely on word-of-mouth referral from her extensive network of fellow athletes. She probably already knows you.

  • Who are the coaches? Are they going to get me to the next level?
  • Do they have open gym time?
  • Are there other firebreathers here?
  • Do they bring in experts on o-lifting, mobility, nutrition, etc?
  • Do they put teams in competitions?
  • Etc…

By thinking through what each persona cares about we’ve put together a nice list of the key questions they have before they’re ready to buy. You can use these questions as a guide for the content you need to have on your site. As a next step, take each question or group of related questions and turn them into articles for your site.

Not only will this content make them feel comfortable taking the next step to becoming a member (or “converting”) it’s also the kind of content that Google loves and will help you rank better for searches like “functional fitness Yourtown”. We’ll be coving both of those topics, conversion optimization and SEO, in more detail in future posts.

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