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Top 10 article to grow your gym – Issue #3 (100k edition)


Some quick news – SocialWOD tracked its 100,000th score last week, after 8 short months in existence. The crew did 12.5 to celebrate – no better way to celebrate than thrusters!

To our customers – thank you for your support! To everybody else – what are you waiting for? :)

Alright, on to the good stuff!

1. The Rise of the Millennials

A call to all current and aspiring entrepreneurs

2. Lessons From The World’s Worst Salesman

Let’s hear your pitch…

3. Success

Success, get off your … and grab it!

4. Don’t Watch This Video

You watched it, didn’t you?

5. 10 Biggest Small Business Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Mistakes suck. Lets try not to make them, cool?

6. Intro to Conjugate Training

Do you have a dedicated strength program in your box?

7. Success!

(Yup, two articles titled Success this week. Guess what we want for you?) On the Psychology of Success.

8. 5 WordPress Plugins to Make Sharing Easier

You’re blogging anyway right? So why not make it easier to share?

9. Using Social Media to Launch Your Company

You can’t argue with the power of social media. Embrace it and reap the social rewards!

10. Companies That Thrive On Twitter

Get yo Tweet on!

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