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Top 10 article to grow your gym – Issue #2


Week three of the Open has come and gone. You’re darn busy – let’s get to the best articles we’ve found to help you grow your box.

1. Small Business Tax Center

Tax season is upon us and if you’ve been putting it off now is the time to get it done! No better source for information than “The Man” himself.

2. Practice

Confidence matters in life and in business. Make sure you know what you’re talking about and get out there and make it happen.

3. Get More Shit Done

’nuff said.

4. You Need a Budget

Creating a budget ain’t sexy, but having money is!

5. Always Learning

Be it training, coaching, nutrition, or business you can never stop learning.

6. Negotiations

A new lease, new employee, or new equipment negotiations (amongst other things) can make or break you if you don’t know what you are doing.

7. Games

boxes are great with this when it comes to client retention (think Leaderboard). But how can you use games to keep your coaches from flying the coup?

8. What’s growing in your box?

Sweet hand tears bro… now clean your DNA off the bar…

9. Need Inspiration?

What can you learn about running a business from these ‘kids’?

10. Local Partnerships

How can you use that local martial arts studio, dance studio, or firehouse to grow your business? (Craig from Diablo told me it was a partnership that helped grow his box – see the whole interview here.)

10. 8 Years Ago Today (bonus)

The founder of Gmail provides some perspective on life with this story. A must-read.

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