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Story Telling

USMC M1A1 Firing

So there I was, on the Iraq/Syrian border, it was the middle of a hot summer night and my tank platoon had just stopped in our overwatch position for the night. We were getting everything establish to sit in that position for the next few hours. Just then, from out of no where..

See, story telling has a way of drawing you in doesn’t it? That’s the lesson today. How can you tell a story that will draw those prospective clients into your box? Just about everyone has that great flab to fab story or the 75 year old who showed up to your door step barely able to stand up that is now running around with their grandchildren once again. Talk to your clients, most of them would love to tell you their story. I know we get the best stories out of our members on their one year anniversary. Pretty inspiring stuff.

Need some ideas on how to craft your perfect story?

Check this out.

Story telling works. Don’t just take my word for it, these guys are telling the same story!

Oh, how does my story end? Tell me your story below in the comments and you might just find out!

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