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SocialWOD Top 10 – Issue #21

Hi friend,

Check out this week’s top 10 articles from around the web to help grow and improve your gym.

1.  30 Functional Fitness Workouts You Can Do At Home
Members on the road? Forward them this link so that they can train, even from their hotel.

2. A System for Developing Competitive Athletes, Part 1 
“There is no perfect program. There is no equation. But, nonetheless, there are numbers, and they tell us some things.”

3. Why Athletes Benefit From Learning the Olympic Lifts From an Olympic Weightlifter
An Olympic lifting coach explains common issues she sees in athletes attempting the Olympic lifts.

4. What Is Your “Functional” Fitness For?
“Pushing your mental limitations is just as important as your physical limitations.”

5. Key Ingredient for a Succesful Customer Loyalty Program
Find out what’s important to your members when it comes to loyalty and referral programs.

6. The Economics of Functional Fitness: Paying Premium Prices to be in Pain
An interesting take on the economics of functional fitness from a realtor’s perspective. 

7. Five Essential O-Lift Drills
Five drills perfect for anyone learning the snatch and the clean and jerk.

8. The 7 Most Underrated Exercises
When’s the last time you programmed Turkish Get Ups?

9. Rippetoe Throws Down
Legendary strength and conditioning coach, Mark Rippetoe, explains the difference between exercising and training.

10. A Manager’s Manifesto
“Realize you can’t do everything. Close your eyes, fall backwards, and learn to trust.”

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