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Quality Matters

A few days ago I wrote about providing Exceptional Experiences. Hopefully this quick article resonated with you and help either solidify your plan for providing a quality service, or got you on the right track.

When crafting your plan to create this exceptional experience you’ll want to make sure you are targeting the right kinds of clients that fit the direction you want your business to grow. This means that if Louie Simmons marketed his skills and services to marathon runners he would probably be broke..

Louie Simmons is actually a pretty good example of how someone can take their highly specialized skill set and be extremely relevant and influential in the generalist functional fitness community. If Louie wanted to he could probably bring a few Level 1 coaches on board and create a pretty successful affiliate. This would be possible because he first established himself as the guy to go to if you want to get really, really, strong. After that functional fitness came and found him.

As more and more boxes pop up over the next few years (30,000 by 2015 is the estimate Greg Glassman gave out at a talk I attended two weeks ago) you will need to carve out you own niche, stand out from the crowd, and show that you provide real value for your services. If you are unable to adapt and evolve then you may just fade away and no one wants that to happen!

So what’s next?

Find something you are good at. Can you and your awesome coaches run the best kids program in town? How about being the place where you turn high school kids into wrestling monsters? It doesn’t matter what you choose, it just matters that you find something that you are good at and go after that segment of your community with everything you’ve got. Then, chances are, when you are ready to move into the next thing you’ll already have people lining up to give you their money.

Leave us a comment below and let the community know what has worked for you!

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