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Never Stop Learning

I was inspired today by a post over on the Don’t Buy Ads blog that gave me a great reminder to always remain curious and to never stop learning. You can read the post I’m talking about here.

With so much free information in the world, most of it crap, it is hard to know what you should spend your already limited time on and what you should not. Here on the SocialWOD blog I have two goals:

  • Spend my time trolling through the massive amount of information on the internet (so you don’t have to) to find you what I believe will help you grow your gym.
  • Learn as much as I can to improve myself and the quality of information I am able to provide you.

So where am I going with this? Good question! The minute you think you have all of the answers is the minute you will fail. I’ve been coaching the crazy stuff for a while now and I think I have been successful because I am constantly seeking out new and useful information that I can pass on to my clients. This I think is one of the keys to providing that exceptional experience you’ve heard me talk about before.

So lets make a deal. I’ll keep digging around the inter-webs to bring you some great information that you can use to bring clients in your gym and you’ll never stop learning new and creative ways to teach this crazy thing to those clients. Sound fair?

How about a comment or two! Anyone out there!?

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  1. This is great stuff! Btw, we are here! :)