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Krista and Ahmik at the SoCal Affiliate

Krista and Ahmik from the SoCal box in San Diego has 200 members and drop some knowledge.

What do you do better than anything else?
– Doctor on staff and customize WODs depending on peoples’ musculoskeletal issues
– Encourage a family atmosphere

What do you do to make your clients feel like they exist?
– Send postcards to athletes when they PR
– Acknowledge athletes when they improve

How do you help your coaches feel like they’re part of the business?
– They encourage their coaches to run their business under the SoCal affiliate umbrella, sort of like a Co-op
– Coaches make 100% of fundamentals course and the affiliate doesn’t make money until athlete becomes a regular customer

Andrew from Sandy wants to know what struggles you’ve faced while growing your box?
– Space issues – be and pick good neighbors
– Too big for your current space, should you take the plunge? They did; it worked but they had to up the marketing hard.

What do you want to know from other gym owners?
– What marketing techniques have worked for you?
– Todd at the Rocklin affiliate talks about successful marketing techniques for box owners
– Craig in Diablo shares marketing tips for box owners
– Mike from Oakland provides insight into his marketing techniques at his box
– Michael at the Tamalpais affiliate has some great marketing tactics that have worked for his box

(The video cuts off at the end because my memory card was full, but I got the whole inteview.)

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  1. Amen to the part about fixing injuries. I drive past ten other CF gyms to get to CF SoCal every day.