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How to Turn Free Trial Customers into Paying Members

In the past, we have blogged in-depth about how to get new members and what prevents potential members from signing up.

So how do you attract these potential members and get them to come on full-time?

1. Offer a Flexible Schedule of Free Classes: Many times gyms offer free classes once a week (i.e. Saturday at 12:00P). But is this the most widely attended class? Take a look at the last month of your class attendance (which you can do with SocialWOD) and see which classes are the most attended. Is it Tuesday at 6:00P? Thursday at 7:00A? There is a good chance that if most of your current members come at this time that many of your prospective members would want to come at this time too. Try offering a few different times and days for free classes and see if you notice an improvement in attendance.

2. Try One-on-One Free Classes: There are a lot of benefits to having your free classes be individual classes instead of the traditional group classes. First, functional fitness is intimidating to many people. They may be nervous, shy, or embarrassed. By working with an individual one-on-one you can assuage their fears and also go at their pace. Second, if you have novice trainers who don’t have the experience or confidence to lead a whole class, teaching a single individual is a great way to practice their coaching skills. Finally,  one-on-one trial classes allows your potential member to make a real connection with your gym–and not feel like just a number.

3. Follow-Up: This seems like a no-brainer, but it stands to be repeated: Follow up individually with every person who takes a free class. 321 Go Project mentions sending a postcard. Whatever you do, make sure you contact them after their free class. I recommend contacting people within 3 days. Ask how they’re feeling, what they thought, etc. Don’t assume that they will contact you. Many times people need a “push” to spring them into action. Remember, all of your potential members are people who have lives outside of functional fitness. You’re probably not their number one priority, so make sure to follow up!

There you have it, 3 tips for attracting new members.

The next step? Keeping them! Check out our blog post on creating an awesome functional fitness community.

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