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Content Is King

Happy Friday!

We’ve spent some time talking about if your website is working for you and you may have seen a similar article over here. Well today I’d like to help show you what you should be putting out there on your site to make your site “work for you”. Sound good?

Welcome to the future

Traditional advertising just really isn’t cutting it any more and frankly, us athlete types just don’t like to do it. So how can we attract and retain clients at our box without having to resort to all those expensive and time consuming old school advertising techniques? Provide awesome content for your members to read and share.

Sounds simple enough, eh?

No, I have no idea what you’re talking about… I was afraid you’d say that! Well I’m here to help. The savvy shopper in today’s day and age (the future, remember?) wants to sit back, whip out their laptop/smartphone/tablet, and research their next purchase, be it a sweet new iPad or your unlimited membership. Most people don’t want to pick up a phone and call you and most people don’t want to drive to your box and talk to you until they are satisfied that you’ve got what they want. Problem is, most people don’t know what they want.

Enter, your content strategy

Your content (blog posts, white papers, ebooks, website copy), should have the sole purpose of educating those prospects that stumble upon your website. Again I have to go back to a previous article, you need to make sure your website is working for you! This means that the blog post you put up should be educating those new prospects on the value of what it is you do. Providing high quality content shows those prospective clients that you are the expert in the area and if they want to get fit, lose weight, or dominate the next CrossFit Games that you are the guy or gal who can get them there. So how do we do that?

Build trust

Is it easy to trust you? We’ve all seem some sleazy sales pages out there, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about having a website filled with excellent, helpful, and educating content that builds trust. Here is a quick test to see if your website is where it needs to be. Show your Mom or Grandma your boxes website, give them 60 seconds to look it over, close the browser and ask them: Would you trust this company with your health, fitness, and weight loss goals? What did they say? Okay, maybe the Moms and Grandmas of the world aren’t your perfect customer. That’s fine, go out there and find someone who is and ask them the same question. Shy and would rather hide behind the comfort of your computer screen? That’s fine, go here and set up a test asking the same questions. Once you have the data you need you’ll be able to make the necessary changes to ensure you get more ‘Yes’ responses to that question.

A dirty little (not so) secret

I’m trying to do the same thing here, with this site. I spend my time writing and researching articles that I think will help you grow your box. Do I hope that some of you will check out this awesome, no work, WOD tracking tool for your box? Sure I do, but ultimately I want you to have a successful thriving box because that is what is going to be better for the community as a whole. The more successful boxes we have in the world the better!

How do you build trust with your clients? Prospects? Tell us in the comments and have a great weekend!

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