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10 articles to grow your gym – issue #9


Are you as excited for the Games as we are? We’ll have a booth down there. Ryan, PJ and I will be hanging out, chatting about functional fitness and SocialWOD.

Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Now, let’s get to the biz.

1. 3 Squatting Myths That Refuse To Die


We, as athletes, have heard some of these myths a hundred times. Here’s a good response for each of the common complaints about squatting.

2. A Collection Of Tweets From @SocialWOD


I know you all don’t have Twitter accounts, so here’s the next best thing. Check out all the good stuff PJ’s been Tweeting about!

3. Why You Lift With Your Legs And Not Your Back


Common knowledge amongst most coaches but a good, quick, refresher on the reasons why!

4. Outsmart


Outsmart, Outwork, Outlove…

5. Long Term Social Media Plan


Do you have a long term Social Media plan?

6. 5 Ways You Can Sit Less & Move More


Even gym owners find themselves sitting down at a desk working too much. Here are a few quick tips to get you off your butt!

7. White Lies


Meaningful words from a master…

8. Smashing Your Job


And cutting your workload.

9. Running A Corporate Program at Your Box


Don’t be afraid to look outside your gym for new business opportunities!

10. 4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Grow Your Affiliate


Who doesn’t want to grow their affiliate? Follow these tips and watch the people flow through your doors!

11. Hunting Monsters in the Night


One athlete puts his General Physical Preparedness to the test by hunting wild boar… on foot. An amazing read!

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