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10 articles to grow your gym – Issue #22

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Regionals are just around the corner! Check out this cool infographic which shows how much Games athletes are improving. And enjoy this week’s top 10.

1.  Welcome to the Fold
Affiliates have many options for integrating new members. Emily Beers talks to five gym owners who explain what they do and why.

2. 3 Squatting Myths That Refuse to Die
“The squat probably gets more of a bad rap than any other strength training movement.”

3. How Yoga and Functional Fitness Can Work Together
Yoga’s focus on mobility and mental clarity makes it the perfect counterbalance to the intensity of functional fitness.

4. 11 Ways Successful People Start Their Mornings
“Beginning the day with a purpose and a plan increases your chance of success.”

5. Why a Little Bit of Stress is Good For You
Chronic stress is bad, but research shows you can effectively channel short-term stress to boost cognitive function.

6. Progressive Overload: Rules and Guidelines
“Progressive overload is among the most basic principles in weight training, and unfortunately among those that are usually misunderstood by both the beginning trainee and the trainer.” 

7. The Power of Third-Party Influencers
Building strong relationships with your local business community can pay dividends. 

8. A Look Back at the 2013 Open: Part 1
If graphs and statistics are your thing, you’ll enjoy this in-depth analysis of the 2013 Open.

9. The Over-Warm Up
Jacob Cloud recommends adding a single heavy lift to your warm-up in order to increase strength and confidence. 

10. Close the Gap
5 steps to share with your members to help them envision and realize their goals.

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