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10 articles to grow your gym – Issue #19

Hi friend,

After a little hiatus, we’re back in business! Here’s the second edition of our 2013 Top 10 articles to help make you a better coach and help grow your box, brought to you by our new community manager, Cynthia.

1. 50 Page Sample of Supple Leopard

Check out this free preview of MobilityWOD’s Kelly Starrett’s upcoming book.

2. Hierarchy of Staff Qualities

“The most important attribute a coach can possess is consistency.”

3. Opening a Box: Walnut Creek Affiliate

An informative interview with two brothers who opened a box together

4. Beware the Lure of the Sexy Metcon

New gym members might not think there is enough “cardio.” Read this and explain why strength programming is important.

5. Coach’s Corner: One Size Does Not Always Fit All

Make sure you are tailoring your coaching to each of your athlete’s skill level and ability

6. Fear is a Four-Letter Word

We all have fears when expanding or opening a business. Read this to learn how to conquer them.

7. Why Good-Better-Best Prices Are So Effective

Consider scaling membership options and benefits in order to increase revenue.

8. The Qualities of a Good Coach

Learn what it takes to become the “quintessential” coach.

9. Post Workout Nutrition: High or Low Carb?

Robb Wolf explains the pros and cons of a high vs. low carb post-WOD snack.

10. 18 Inspirational Quotes for Spring

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller

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