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10 articles to grow your gym – issue #18

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1. 50 Ways to get better at functional fitness


Some good tips in here even if you’re been training for years.

2. Why can’t I PR everyday?


Are your athletes disappointed because they’re not PRing as much as they did when they started? Some thoughts on why here.

3. Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation


A quick hack to make sure you (and your members) can sit less and live longer.

4. How to get big while doing functional fitness


Want to get bigger while training? These are things you must do.

5. Get cozy down there


Improve your snatching and cleaning.

6. Retail or reinvestment?


Should you spend your cash investing in retail products, or is there a way to make an even better return?

7. Delivering Open


How to leverage Open to maximize the benefits to your gym.

8. How Do You Know You’re a Great Coach?


Can you actually QUANTIFY your success as a coach? The Biz thinks so.

9. This Lifestyle


Take 5 minutes and laugh at these hilarious animations about living the functional fitness life.

10. Maintaining Perspective on Functional Fitness


Always good to step back and consider why you do what you do.

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