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10 articles to grow your gym – issue #16


The latest from SocialWOD HQ: we just launched the SocialWOD mobile app so athletes can check PRs from the gym floor.

On to the goods.

1. Finding A Mentor


Let’s face it, we are awesome coaches but we aren’t always the best business people. Check out this article about how you can find and use a mentor to help you out.

2. Olympic Lifting Made Simple


Olympic lifting is fun, unfortunately just about every one of us needs help getting better. This article may give you a few useful tips.

3. Price vs Value


Pricing your box correctly for your market is one of the hardest problems most affiliates face. How do you make your clients understand the difference between price and value?

4. How To Avoid Premature Delegation


Congratulations, your business is growing, fast. It may be time to start delegating some tasks. Are you ready?

5. The Fish Oil Controversy


A follow-up to the Journal of the American Medical Association’s most recent fish oil study.

6. Why Runners Should Be Rowers


A great article from TJ Murphy, editor of Competitor Magazine, explaining how rowing can help you be a better runner.

7. Being Productive


With so many things to do in a day as a busy affiliate owner being productive becomes harder and harder. Here are tips to help.

8. Avoid Chronic Cardio Self Destruction


As functional fitness becomes more and more popular you may start to see more endurance athletes come through your doors. The problem? They are probably already overtrained. Here are 10 tips you can use as a coach to get them on the right path.

9. IP Law For Non-Affiliate Gyms


All this legal stuff can be time consuming and very, very confusing. You may have gyms popping up in your area who aren’t following the same rules. Here is a good guide as to what is right and wrong and how to protect yourself.

10. The Most Insane Lego Machine Ever Built


Okay, okay, this may not be business or functional fitness related but you have to admit it is pretty awesome!

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