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Wish all your athletes would track their WODs?

SocialWOD tracks all your athletes, with no data entry

Why SocialWOD?

Insight into your athletes' performance

Every athlete's results are tracked, and you can use the data to improve your programming.

Grow your community

Your athletes can encourage their friends and share success with built-in Facebook integration.

Save time

You don't want to do data entry. Your athletes don't either. With SocialWOD, neither of you will have to.

How we track all your athletes

Red1sm Img01a Take a photo of your whiteboard
Red2sm Img02a Email us the photo
Check Img04a
We put every athlete's score online
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  • Every athlete is tracked with no work
    No-data-entry2 Email us your whiteboard photos and get all your athletes' WOD scores tracked online.You do zero data entry - it's that fast and easy. Learn more
  • Motivate athletes to keep coming
    Thumb-pr Email alerts tell you when athletes PR so you can recognize their accomplishment. You know who's PR'd even when you're not coaching the class. Learn more
  • Protect your cash flow
    Money Attendance reports show you who hasn't been to class. Easily see which customers to reach out to if attendance declines. Learn more
  • Earn customer referrals through Facebook
    Facebook_80x80 Athletes can post WOD scores to their Facebook pages, promoting your gym to your athletes' social network. Learn more
  • Save time
    Clock No data entry for you. We'll even post WODs to your gym's Facebook page to engage your athletes where they hang out online. Learn more
  • Highlight progress and keep them showing up
    Barchart-icon3 Remind athletes of the value they get from your gym with a record of all their WODs. PRs and RX'd scores are automatically tracked and called out. Learn more

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Questions? Answers!

  • How is SocialWOD different from existing WOD trackers?
    Other WOD trackers rely on the athlete or you, the gym owner, to enter WODs and scores. With SocialWOD, we take care of putting your whiteboard data online. All your members get their scores tracked, and they do no work for that to happen. And neither do you, aside from emailing us your whiteboard photo.
  • Why should I pay for WOD tracking? Is SocialWOD worth the money?
    If SocialWOD prevents you from losing one member because athletes can realize how much they’ve improved at your gym, or helps you gain a new member through Facebook word-of-mouth marketing, SocialWOD will have paid for itself (for large gyms, it’d take two new or saved members).
  • Is SocialWOD just a WOD tracking tool?
    No. It does WOD tracking but that’s just a means to an end. We’re focused on using the detailed WOD tracking data we construct for you to help you improve retention and grow your membership base.
  • We do strength and met-con WODs on the same day. Can I track both?
    You bet. Make sure the "Track multiple WODs per day" checkbox for your plan is checked and we'll track your strength and met-con WODs for you.

We'd love to have you as a happy customer

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